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Message from Managing Director

Toward a Fresh Start in 2014 for Contributing to the Society through innovative products and services

Delta Holding’s customers and other business partners globally are at the heart of each and every project of Delta Holdings and its associates. Your ongoing support has been critical for Delta Holdings to successfully navigate this challenging time.

During the recent past various briefings both in Sri Lanka and abroad, Delta Holdings received significant support, constructive criticism and encouragement in its attempt to uphold and re gain the reputation as good quality service & Solution provider.

From June 2007, Delta Holdings faced very challenging business conditions. Indeed, past three years have been a challenging period, years wherein as the Managing Director I could not afford to relax in the slightest. It was a time marked by many difficult decisions and unpleasant experience such as appointing new management withdrawing from many business projects and ending business partnerships with many business partners and termination of employment of most of staff members within the associate companies of Delta Holdings.

However, even in such a difficult period for Delta Holdings and its associates, most of business partners and suppliers remained fully committed to extending their support in achieving our common objectives.

Majority of business partners worldwide worked together to ensure the company's quick return to stability and New business partners Globally joined in hand further strengthening Delta Holdings efforts in regaining the consumer trust. Finally, and above all, customer loyalty was reaffirmed as many Blue chip enterprises around the country obtained services from Delta Holdings and its associates.

Together with the help of all business partners and customers, Delta Holdings achieved a considerable business growth during last few months in 2013. Returning to the start of major projects so quickly is encouraging as Delta Holdings prepares for the next decades in the relevant industries and implements strategies for future progress. Fiscal Year 2014 will be the year for a fresh start characterized by new plans for growth.

Regarding one of Delta Holding’s central growth strategies, a partnership with major business allies in USA, Germany, Spain,Switzerland, France, Italy, Ireland, Japan, Korea, China & Thailand were announced in October 2013 with the aim of promoting range of high-end technical products and solutions.

Delta Holdings intends to fulfill its founding mission of contributing to society through its products and services. Customer's requirements and society's expectations change with time. Even in these times of changes, it is the continual evolvement that defines growth, and Delta Holdings and its associates will improve continually in step with these transformations.

To that end, it is important for all of Delta Holding’s & its associates, customers, Global business partners, local communities, dealers, suppliers and employees alike share in the faith that Delta Holding’s continual growth is good for all.

Our objective is not simply to achieve growth by expanding in size. The aim is to maintain sustainable growth by ensuring entire team of Delta Holdings and its associates are committed to paying the utmost attention to each and every service deliver in an effort to ensure high quality engineering solutions.

Despite today's difficult business environment, we are determined to cultivate a shared mindset amongst everyone involved in its businesses and to fully achieve the "always best" motto.

I do not hesitate to apologize for any inconvenience cussed to our clients & business partners during this period and we certainly ensure that we take all measures to compensate you by transforming the market place for our joint success.
It is my privilege & utmost pleasure to extend season’s greetings to everyone.

Rohan Abayawardana
Managing Director
Delta Holdings Pvt Ltd                                                                                                                01st January 2014