Datacenter Cooling & Monitoring

Delta Holdings delivers the world's most energy and space efficient data center cooling solutions and data center cooling products.

Data Center Consolidation

Whether you own, lease or outsource your data center, chances are you either have too much or too little space. The combination of corporate mandates to drive down costs and the rise of blade servers, virtualization technology, and ongoing consolidation have left data centers with the question: where do I put the additional equipment, or, what do I do with this extra space. Delta Holdings products help data center management with data center consolidation.


Reduce Data Center Power Consumption

Virtualization and server consolidation has caused power consumption and energy costs to grow out of proportion in a data center's operating budget. Cooling accounts for over 50 percent of a data center's annual operating costs, and will only get worse as energy costs go up along with computing requirements. Data center managers are turning to Delta Holdings products for long-term data center cooling solutions to reduce data center power consumption.


Eliminate Data Center
Hot Spots

Data centers, prone to localized heat problems - where enclosures in specific locations in the data center are not receiving adequate cooling to meet manufacturers' warranty requirements. Delta Holdings server room cooling solution immediately brings the temperature down on existing enclosures in minutes without disrupting operations. .


Environmental Monitoring

Delta Holdings environmental monitoring solutions that enable administrators to monitor server room conditions through a web browser with live video feed and sensor data for factors like temperature, humidity, airflow, light, sound, power, water leakage and more, showing current and historical data through HTTP(S) and providing Email, SMS and SNMP alert notifications under abnormal conditions.