Data Center Relocation Services

Every data center move presents risks, and any interruption to your business could ultimately affect your bottom line. That’s why the technical experts at Delta Holdings (DHPL) thoroughly plan for contingencies and potential problems to minimize risk and downtime.

Our approach to Data Center Relocations isolates and compartmentalizes data sets, minimizes known variables, and arranges potential back-out points. These steps reduce risk and downtime—so you can keep your business running smoothly.


Cold Move to Existing Equipment

A cold move of your existing equipment is your easiest and least expensive option for data center relocation. Your data center applications and data won't be available during the move, but you'll still get the same level of expertise and professionalism from the experts at DHPL


Hot Move of Existing Equipment

Need your data center applications and data available at all times? DHPL has the data center relocation service for you. Our technical experts will develop a comprehensive plan to relocate your production data center without disrupting access to your applications and data throughout the move


Hot Move to New Equipment

New equipment and new locations leave plenty of room for disasters. Fortunately, our technical experts have the knowledge and training to make your transition as smooth as possible. They'll seamlessly relocate your production data center while keeping all your applications and data available during the move.