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Datacenter Migration Services

Customized Solutions for Your Company's Data Center Migration Needs

Data center migration implementations typically fall into two categories based on a company's acceptable level of risk:

  •  1. For the least amount of downtime and risk, companies will opt to physically move equipment from one location to another.

  • 2. A company can build out a new facility with modern equipment and migrate applications from the old environment to the new one.

Depending on which solution is right for you, Delta Holdings will work with your IT experts to develop a comprehensive, multi-pronged data center migration strategy.

In planning a data center migration, detailed plans are developed and documented to ensure your data stays safe and protected. Move Day plans (containing information like application start-up and shut-down procedures, detailed resource plans indicating specific tasks and who's responsible for them, where resources will be located, and the timing of activities) are all provided.